Where to Find the Finest Chinese Food in Richmond

Often dubbed as Vancouver’s new Chinatown, Richmond is a vibrant hub of Asian culture just a 30-minute Skytrain ride from the city. It’s a place where an impressive 74% of the population is of Chinese descent, with over 800 Asian restaurants where the food is as authentic as it gets. 

This is why despite being a Vancouver-based company, we run our Authentic Asian Eats Tour right in the heart of Richmond. With such a vast number of dining options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. 

That’s why we’ve crafted a local’s guide to the finest Chinese eateries in Metro Vancouver, which, unsurprisingly, are all situated in Richmond.


Chinese bakeries are truly enchanting, presenting an array of custards, pastes, and creams that tantalize the taste buds. You definitely want to check out these two:

  • Kam Do – This bakery is famed across North America for its traditional wintermelon wife’s cakes.
  • La Patisserie – Known for their fresh mango cakes and Swiss rolls, they also offer seasonal delights like turnip and taro cakes during the Chinese New Year period.

Dim Sum

If you’re on the hunt for the finest dim sum in Metro Vancouver, look no further than these two seasoned establishments which are renowned for their exceptional Cantonese dishes and lively service:

  • Fisherman’s Terrace – Don’t leave without trying the prawn dumplings, pan-fried rice rolls, and the surprisingly delightful fried bitter melon mochi balls!
  • Kirin Restaurant – A must-visit for their siu mai pork dumplings, crispy taro puffs, silky steamed rice rolls, sweet egg tarts, and indulgent durian mochi balls that are pure decadence.

Remember to book ahead, and for the best experience, arrive early when the offerings are just out of the kitchen.

Hot Pot

The experience of a hot pot meal is both a visual and gastronomic pleasure, with fresh ingredients bubbling away in a fragrant broth right at your table.

Here are some restaurants you should check out:

  • HaiDiLao Hot Pot – Indulge in any of their hot pots for a truly delectable experience. If the timing is right, you might witness the servers executing a mesmerizing “changing face” dance, an element of Sichuan opera where performers swiftly switch masks in a fascinating display.
  • The Dolar Shop – Each hot pot selection here promises a delicious journey. Don’t overlook their appetizers and desserts to round off the hot pot adventure.


Chinese barbecue, or siu mei, is an art form that delivers the smoky, succulent joy of barbecued meats, imbued with the vibrant, signature marinades of Cantonese cooking.

  • HK BBQ Master – For a taste of the highly acclaimed, head straight for the barbecue pork and soy sauce chicken. These dishes have not only earned this spot local fame but also a feature by Chef David Chang and Seth Rogen on their Netflix series “Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.”
  • Parker Place Aberdeen Fresh Meat & BBQ –  Their barbecue pork belly is a local obsession, with its irresistible crispy skin. Despite the long lines, which attest to the popularity of their freshly barbecued meats, the service is quick, ensuring you get your feast without much wait.


Dessert in Asia is a ritual that sweetly concludes a meal that’s often accompanied by a soothing cup of tea to balance the palate.

  • L’OTUS Cake Boutique – For those with a penchant for delicate desserts, the matcha and chocolate crepe cakes here are a must-try, each layer promising a whisper-thin bite of flavor.
  • Excellent Tofu & Snacks – Opt for a more traditional finish with their classic tofu pudding drizzled with ginger syrup, a dessert that’s both comforting and refreshing.

This rounds up our curated guide to Metro Vancouver’s top Asian culinary spots! If you join us on one of our Richmond food tours, you’ll not only get to taste these mouth-watering specialties but also gain insight into their cultural significance. 

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this culinary adventure now!


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