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Discover the Tastes of Vancouver

If you’re eager to explore the rich tapestry of flavors this city has to offer, our Vancouver Food Tours are the perfect gateway to satisfy your cravings and ignite your palate.

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Local Foodie Destinations

We at Foodies United take great care in curating each of our tastings and selecting the perfect tasting locations. These are not just random choices.

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We’re a group of committed and enthusiastic individuals driven by a shared desire to create a positive impact.



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Discover the Tastes of Vancouver


Satisfying tourists

Food tours are an excellent way to dive into the local cuisine while getting to know the city. Vancouver’s food scene is a reflection of its multicultural population, offering everything from authentic Asian dishes to fresh seafood, sourced right from the Pacific. 

Discover the Heart of Vancouver’s Culinary Scene on the Granville Island Market Tour

The Granville Island Market Tour is your gateway to exploring the vibrant food culture of Vancouver. Our guided tour will take you on a journey through this bustling market, introducing you to the cornucopia of flavors that make up Vancouver’s culinary landscape.

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Explore the Flavors of Vancouver via the Gastronomic Gastown Tour

Gastown is where Vancouver began, and it’s now the epicenter of gourmet cuisine in the city. This charming district is a cobblestoned testament to Vancouver’s past, interwoven with an innovative spirit that fuels its eateries. 

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Get a Chance to Enjoy Vancouver’s Best-Kept Culinary Secrets

Join us on a journey through bustling streets and quiet corners as we introduce you to the Authentic Asian Eats Tour in Vancouver. This immersive experience is designed for locals and visitors alike to explore the diverse and rich flavors that Asian cuisine has to offer, right here in the Pacific Northwest.

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Take a Look at Vancouver’s Vibrant Market, Spirits, and Shops Scene!

Our carefully curated journey takes you through Vancouver’s lively markets, where the city’s cultural diversity shines brightest. Here, local vendors offer everything from fresh produce to handcrafted goods.

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When I founded Foodies United, my goal was clear: I wanted to introduce people to the very essence of Vancouver by means of food and community. My aim was to create a platform for celebrating the talented artisans within this city and contribute to our local neighborhoods.

Over the years, the concept of connection has taken on an even greater significance. We all yearn for a sense of belonging, a feeling of being part of something truly special. 

Join Our Team

Foodies United is more than just a team; we’re a group of committed and enthusiastic individuals driven by a shared desire to create a positive impact. 

Our mission is to inspire and enlighten others through unforgettable culinary journeys, and we continually challenge ourselves to innovate and improve.

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