Exploring the Finest Gastown Restaurants

Gastown, with its cobbled streets and historic charm, is a gastronome’s paradise nestled in the heart of Vancouver. The neighborhood is dense with culinary experiences that range from gourmet to rustic, and from the traditional to the cutting-edge. 

For those eager to savor Gastown’s best, here are some tips we can offer you along with some well-known recommendations:

Brunch in Gastown

Vancouverites take brunch seriously, and Gastown offers some of the city’s most delightful morning eats. Popular spots like Jam Café or The Birds & The Beets often have queues, indicative of their popularity and scrumptious offerings. 

Be prepared with alternative options like Nelson the Seagull or Tacofino for a twist on brunch with their Mexican-inspired dishes.

Cocktail and Craft Beer Crawl

Gastown’s relationship with libations goes back to its foundation, and the tradition continues with its array of cocktail bars and craft beer pubs. 

The Diamond is a go-to for expertly mixed cocktails, while Alibi Room offers a vast selection of local craft beers. 

For those partial to spirits, the selection of whiskeys at The Irish Heather is not to be missed.

Live Music Venues

The neighborhood isn’t just about food and drinks; it’s also a hub for live music. Venues like Guilt & Co. and Pourhouse offer a soulful accompaniment to your evening. Check out their schedules in advance to catch everything from jazz bands to indie artists.

Food-Hopping in Gastown

The real way to experience Gastown is to indulge in a culinary hop. Start with appetizers at one spot like Salt Tasting Room, then move on to mains at a place like Bauhaus or Pidgin, and cap the night with desserts or a cheese plate at L’Abattoir. 

The diversity of cuisines in this area means your palate will never get bored.

Coffee Culture

Gastown could also be dubbed the district of caffeine, given its high density of coffee shops. Take a break at Revolver for some of the best brews in town, or get your latte art fix at Timbertrain Coffee Roasters. 

These spots are perfect for coffee aficionados looking for their next favorite bean or blend.


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