Enjoy Delicious Food in Some of the Best Restaurants in Gastown

Gastown, which is a historic district in Vancouver, has emerged as a gastronomic hotspot that managed to attract food lovers with its eclectic mix of eateries. This cobblestoned neighborhood, known for its whistling Steam Clock and Victorian architecture, offers a range of culinary experiences from fine dining to casual eateries. 

If you’re looking for a food adventure, here are some of the top restaurants in Gastown that stand out for their unique flavors and exceptional dining experiences:


Situated in the heart of Gastown, L’Abattoir is set in a refurbished 19th-century building. This restaurant is famed for its French-inspired West Coast fare. Patrons rave about the baked Pacific oysters and the pan-fried veal sweetbreads. 

A sophisticated cocktail program complements their menu, making L’Abattoir a top choice for a refined gastronomic experience.

Peckinpah BBQ

For those with a penchant for Southern-style barbecue, Peckinpah BBQ offers a North Carolina-inspired menu. Located at the corner of Water Street and Carrall Street, this joint serves up mouth-watering smoked meats, including brisket, pulled pork, and ribs, paired with hearty sides like coleslaw and cornbread. It’s a casual spot perfect for a laid-back meal.

Ask for Luigi

Italian cuisine aficionados head to Ask for Luigi for fresh, handmade pasta and other Italian classics. The small, intimate setting is always bustling, a testament to the quality of their dishes. 

Favorites include the ricotta gnocchi and the pappardelle with wild boar ragu. The warm and welcoming atmosphere makes Ask for Luigi a must-visit for pasta lovers.

Pizzeria Farina

Pizzeria Farina serves up simple yet delicious pizzas with a focus on fresh ingredients and traditional techniques. The pizza menu changes daily, ensuring that each visit offers something new. Their thin-crust pizzas, baked in a stone oven, are perfect for those who appreciate the art of a good pie.

MeeT in Gastown

For vegetarians and vegans, MeeT in Gastown is a delightful surprise. Their menu is loaded with plant-based versions of comfort food classics, from burgers to poutine. The hearty portions and inventive dishes like the ‘Mighty Mac’ burger make it a popular spot even for non-vegetarians.

The Flying Pig

The Flying Pig represents a Canadian bistro with a nose-to-tail philosophy. The menu showcases local ingredients with dishes like the seared scallops and pulled pork poutine. It’s a relaxed environment with a welcoming vibe, suitable for both casual lunches and dinner dates.

Water St. Cafe

A Gastown staple since 1988, Water St. Cafe is known for its Pacific Northwest cuisine and boasts a view of the famous Steam Clock from its corner location. 

The cafe’s signature dish, the Seafood Linguine, is a must-try, alongside their extensive list of BC wines.

Each of these restaurants contributes to Gastown’s reputation as a premier destination for food enthusiasts. Whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet meal, a casual bite, or innovative vegetarian dishes, Gastown’s dining scene has something to offer. 

With its blend of historic charm and contemporary cuisine, Gastown will continue to be a magnet for those seeking culinary delights in Vancouver.


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